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ERO Network
We have created the Electronic Return Originator Network as an open-exchange forum for non-competing peers.
Welcome to the ERO Network!!!
The ERO Network is a non-profit organization with the sole purpose of helping EROs grow their business and increase profitability.  The ERO Network has available the “ERO Report Card” on your tax office and all the competition in your market area.

The ERO Network provides tax office owners with the resources and ideas that they need to improve organizational effectiveness.  Our unique model brings together similarly structured yet in non-competing markets leaders once a year for a one-day session.  The ERO Network provides opportunities for unprecedented support and the candid exchange of ideas.  We offer a safe harbor to ask questions, learn, and gather the tools necessary to reach your personal and professional goals.

The ERO Network helps tax office owners transform their businesses through the exchange of best practices, approaching industry trends, and proven business strategies.
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