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The TAX Chex NETWORK will email you every day with the total amount of checks and money being sent to your local tax preparer that day.  Since only 2 to 3, non-competing, businesses are featured on the check stub; this will give you early notification about the potential number of customers coming to your store that day.

There is a simple and quick verification process for you to tell your employees it takes

about 15-20 minutes to process the check.  That’s 15 to 20 minutes the taxpayer is walking around your place of business. 

Let’s say you are an electronics store… how many big screen TV’s, stereos, or computers can they look at in these precious minutes?

Or you are a furniture store… a new living room or bedroom suite can sure catch their eye in this short time.

A car dealer… well, you can be sure your salespeople can show this customer several models in this time.

WHY?  My business and not someone else?
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