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You and your business are neighbors to a tax preparer using the services of Refund Advantage, a nationwide company partnered with OHIO VALLEY BANK,  all working to get tax refunds back into the hands of taxpayers a quickly as possible.

You, by becoming a member of the TAX Chex NETWORK, will have access to these local people with lots of money to spend… and they typically spend it fast!

The TAX Chex NETWORK is looking to partner with 2 to 3 local businesses eager and willing to cash these tax refund checks... while the customer spends 15-20 minutes lokking around your place of business!  The TAX Chex NETWORK is a division of Refund ADVANTAGE, the company processing these tax refunds.  We can tell you, on a daily basis, how many checks will be issued in your Zip Code and how much money is involved.  So you do not have to keep large sums of money on hand all the time.

The TAX Chex NETWORK will print your name, address, and phone number on the stub of every check issued by the tax preparer in your neighborhood.  It will also tell the taxpayer to bring it into your place of business to cash it at no charge.  How would you like to have these potential customers walking through your door every day with thousands of dollars ready to spend… and grateful to you for giving them that opportunity?

The TAX Chex NETWORK will also have the local tax preparer place posters in their offices featuring your business as one of only 2-3 businesses in your area offering the exclusive service

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