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Refund ADVANTAGE has over 35 years of combined experience and the distinction of having started the refund banking programs of the 4th and 5th largest national Refund Anticipation Loan banks, our team has created something uniquely different and available to everyone. Finally, there is a refund program that works to your advantage.

From our flexible pricing model, to our easy to use web based system, you'll find out that there's never been a better way to offer bank products.

Refund ADVANTAGE Products
No one knows your customers better than you. That's why we let you set the retail price of the refund products you offer.

Because our rebate to you varies according to the pricing you set, the more you charge, the more you'll make. Choose a higher price in order to earn a higher rebate. Or, choose a lower price and pass along the savings to your customer. The choice is yours!

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