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Pablo Software Solutions
ERO Network
We have created the Electronic Return Originator Network as an open-exchange forum for non-competing peers.
Frequently Asked Questions
What is the ERO Network?
A group of independently owned business owners and managers who come together to help each other solve problems and grow their businesses.

Who is invited?
Each ERO forum consists of 12 to 15 non-competing companies.  You will meet with individuals who are truly your peers.

Why is this a different kind of a forum?

     ·  Industry Specific: Because the ERO Network forums are industry specific, incredible
           depth is achieved in regard to discussing issues of concern and sharing information.
     ·  Creative Processes: Highly interactive “Creative Problem Solving Processes” are
           used to help members generate new “never thought of before” ideas.
     ·  Benchmarking / Accountability / Best Practices: The ERO Network forums is for
           owners who are serious about growth and productivity.  Through sharing performance
           benchmark data, exchanging best practices and group accountability, we help our
           members achieve their strategic goals.

When and where does the ERO Network meet?

The ERO Network meets once a year for one day.  The date and location of the forum are usually arranged around the IRS National Convention.

How is the agenda set?

The agenda is developed one month prior to each session.  All participants submit topics, issues and concerns through a simple, yet highly effective, “Agenda Development Process.”

What happens at a typical session?

After introductions, each member has the opportunity to sponsor an issue, concern, challenge or obstacle.  A professional facilitator guides the member and the group through a creative problem solving process to help this member obtain new solutions and ideas to his or her concerns.

What happens with the meeting notes?

The meeting notes and proceedings are typed and emailed to all the members of the ERO Network immediately after the event.  This way, members can focus on solving problems and not taking notes.

What happens in between the meetings?

Members communicate twelve months a year through an interactive list server.  If you have a question, simply post your issue to the listserv to get immediate responses from other ERO Network members.

Your facilitator will provide an “accountability call” to help you implement the ideas and best practices shared at our ERO Network.

How do I join?

The process is simple.
     ·  Fill out our online application.
     ·  A member of our staff will contact you to learn more about your company and to talk to
           you about upcoming ERO Network forum.
     ·  Attend an initial session as a prospective member. Meet current members and
           experience the ERO Network firsthand.
     ·  Membership invitations are extended to companies at the conclusion of an initial ERO
           Network forum.
     ·  Reap the rewards of being a member of the ERO Network!
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Frequently Asked Questions