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We have created the Electronic Return Originator Network as an open-exchange forum for non-competing peers.
ERO Report Card
The ERO Repord Card is the most effective way to learn about your competition and market area.You will find information such as the number of individual income tax returns that were electronically filed in your zip code and market area.

The ERO Report Card provides you with information complied by the IRS on you and your local competitors..  The

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ERO Report Card
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ERO Report Card can be a vital tool in growing your tax preparation business.

In the complete ERO Report Card you will find this useful information:

Competitor Summary
∑  The average growth rate for all offices in your market area.
∑  Details about each office within your market area, along with the growth from 2004 to 2005.

Competitor Detail
∑  Detailed information on each of the offices within your zip code.
∑  Learn about your competitorís electronic filing statistics and filing volume.

Rejection Rates
∑  Percentage of tax return rejected by the IRS at a particular office.
∑  By comparing rejection rates between offices a Tax Return Quality Score is determined.
∑  A chart is created for each tax office using the Tax Return Quality Score.

Market Demographics
∑  Tools for planning your future marketing efforts.
∑  Demographic information for the taxpayers within your zip code.
∑  Compares your local filing patterns the national average to learn how your local area compares.

Market Analysis
∑  Market Analysis:  Helps you determine where to focus future marketing efforts, or expansion plans.
∑  Market Growth Rate:  The e-filing volume within your market area.
∑  Level of Competition:  The competition in your market area.
∑  Penetration of National Chains:  The market share of the national chains.
∑  Market Saturation Analysis:  Details the number of tax offices in your market area, as well as the number of taxpayers served by these offices.

This information can be instrumental to the growth of your tax preparation business.

The complete ERO Report Card retails for $149.00.  Refund Advantage ( has made a major contribution to the compiling of the ERO Report Card and they are offering $100.00 discount off the retail price of the ERO Report Card.  Call Stacey Bunker at 1-800-262-7968 to purchase your ERO Report Card.  Your registration code will provide you with 12 months of access to your ERO Report Card.